MixedName Bilingual Names

If you haven’t figured it out yet, a good source of character name ideas for your stories are baby name websites. No shortage of them out there. This one, however, provides a unique angle (and as a bonus, provides a secondary tool with another neat approach to naming—make sure to scroll down so you don’t miss it).

MixedName generates bilingual name ideas. Choose two languages (e.g., Filipino and German), select a gender, and out pops a bunch of names that both languages have in common. Some female Filipino-German names, for instance, are Giselle, Karla and Odette.

You’ll also find another neat little tool on the site that’s useful for getting character name ideas: based on the parents’ names. For example, I entered Eldon and Maria, and it gave these suggestions:

  • Boy: Aaron
  • Girl: Erin

Not bad at all. Pretty cool, actually.

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