MegaRhyme Dictionary

Even if I gave you three guesses, you’d probably need no more than one to figure out that this resource helps you find words that rhyme with one you enter. “MegaRhyme Dictionary” is a great example of good name branding at work.

If a visit to the site elicits no more than an uninspired “It’s OK” from you, that’s understandable. I would, however, suggest that you take a much closer look at the creative coolness it actually delivers.

As expected, there are what we would probably call normal rhyming words, what it calls “perfect” and its default search. But with just a click of the button, you can have it suggest half, approximate, and consonance rhymes (just hover over their buttons for a brief explanation of what they are). It even has the option of finding 2-word rhymes, and I’ve been having lots of fun with that. It’s got a few more options, but you get the picture: this is one creatively powerful rhyming tool!

And that’s just for your initial search. When you get your first batch of results, it gives you some smart suggestions, like related words you can try rhyming instead.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do totally made up words (like “wordpreneur”) to see if it can suggest similar sounding real words. Easy enough to deal with—I just search on “entrepreneur” and go from there—but it’s a feature option its developers may want to think about.

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