Mechvibes Mechanical Keyboard Sounds

This is undoubtedly minor, maybe even silly, to many of you, but if you’re anything like me, this may turn out to be your favorite “writing tool” of the year!

Having mechanical keyboard sounds as I type is one of my favorite reasons for using Writer. It frankly even makes me feel more productive. But I need to do a lot of writing with other apps as well, not to mention all that other typing we all do everywhere else online. And I miss that sound when I do. (Way to ruin all the other apps for me, Writer!)

Not anymore. Found Mechvibes. Now I get mechanical keyboard sounds when I type everywhere! It’s a little app you download and install on your machine (mine’s Windows, but they also have versions for Mac and Linux). I have it load and run automatically on startup, so now I always have that tack-tack-tackity-tack.

It has a curiously rich set of features for what it does—volume control (I guess for when that dude sitting next to you on the flight’s getting pissed from the noise haha), a choice of sounds from different actual keyboards… you can even create your own sound. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling to know there’s someone else more passionate about something weird than you are, and has your back.

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