Free Grammar Checker by Grammarly

Good chance you use a word processor with a built-in grammar checker. If you’re anything like me, you probably also disabled the thing, finding its constant interruptions irritating. It has no clue what you’re writing and may be doing creatively after all–grammatical rules are grammatical rules, and by gum, it will make darned sure it tells you about every single one you’ve broken!

They do come in handy sometimes. Easy enough to call it up from limbo for a grammar consult while using a word processor. But what about all those other “writing” moments when you’re using something else? Blogging, email, messaging, participating in online forums, etc. No shortage of that at all; writing is still the dominant way to communicate in this high-tech Internet world.

And that is why I have the online Free Grammar Checker by Grammarly on my browser’s toolbar, to call up practically instantly when I want it, not have it standing constantly over my shoulder, ready to whack my knuckles with a ruler when it spots me running afoul of all that is good and grammatically holy.

You’ll likely recognize Grammarly; it hasn’t been shy about advertising itself every chance it gets. And no, I’m not talking about setting up a Grammarly account and getting any of its software. The link below takes you directly to a tool on its site it provides for free to all comers, no logins required.

Once you’re there, just type or paste in the text you want it to work on, and it checks it instantly. And I do mean *instantly*. No need to click on a *Submit* or *GO* button–it immediately underlines and color codes possible errors it spots. Hover over them, and out pops a dialog that explains the error, and a fix suggestion.

Simple! I don’t really use it that often, just occasionally when I’m unsure about a specific grammatical rule for a sentence I happen to be working on at that moment. Why bother googling and wading through links to find the answer? Just copy-and-paste the problem sentence/text into the Free Grammar Checker, and let it do its thing.

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