Dillfrog Muse Rhyming Dictionary

The Dillfrog Muse Rhyming Dictionary isn’t just a simple search engine that gives you a list of soundalike words. You’ll quickly figure out it’s way, way more. Maybe even overwhelmingly so, but visiting the site is indeed an eye-opening experience, like a portal to the many different ways you can technically “rhyme” and produce creative matches for words.

Tons of options. Just try the first category, Match type, for instance, and you know these guys take rhyming very, very seriously. The default is I’m Feeling Rhymey, but the friendly tone is a trap—the rest of the options are darned serious. Again, tons of them, took multiple scrolls, with choices like stressed syllable, vowel shift, and additive-ish. Choose one, and you’re not done; there are other complex categories that can be fiddled with too.

For really powerful rhyming research, this tool is it. If your objective is far more basic and simple, the results I got closest to that would be from sticking with the default options.

If rhymes are your thing, this resource is king.

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