Diffchecker Compare Text

Finding the differences, often subtle, between two different versions of essentially the same manuscript or document is a common enough task writers and editors do. It’s fortunately the kind of basic thing computers were originally designed to handle really well. So, it surprises me that many writing tools that have the feature often don’t do a really good job of it.

If whatever you’re using doesn’t have the feature, or what it does have is meh (or worse), Diffchecker may fill that role for you quite nicely.

Just paste the original text in the designated area, the newer version in another, then click on the Find Difference button. Diffchecker quickly shows you where additions and removals have been made. Easy peasy!

Go test it out. If you don’t have any test text handy, use something like Lorem Ipsum like I did—generate a bunch of words (I did a thousand) of Latin dummy text for the original, then make a number of additions and deletions for the changed version. Diffchecker will handle it seemingly instantly. Even better, it uses visual effects to draw your attention to each change, and tells you what’s different. Like I said, easy peasy!

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