Bubkey.lol Swearword Generator

Bungus. Flingpito. Dimwinkle. Bumwaddle. These are some example of the cute and totally imaginary “swear words” generated by this very simple resource.

Nothing technically fancy at all about this: there isn’t much in the way of options, save for “swear length,” which you’ll quickly recognize as the word count. Click on the Let’s go! button, and it pumps out a list of 10 of these gobbledygook creations that have just enough of an implied aggressive edge to pass off as imaginary swear words… if you want. Because frankly, I don’t see why these can’t used for other purposes. I actually think they’re kid-safe, and will do well in children’s stories.

Or maybe even weird character names. I can actually picture Gubwinkle Shrinklegus in my head.

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