Blog Title Generator

The Blog Title Generator (part of the Capitalize My Title site’s arsenal) is a very simple tool, but it’s surprisingly useful. Despite its name, I think its real value is giving you a content angle to write a post or article about; that you’ll also have a ready-made title for it is a bonus!

All it asks for to do its thing is a noun. That’s it. Enter one (e.g., “Widgets”), click on the Generate Blog Topics button, and boom! It gives you 10 titles with that noun, each with a different angle, approach, slant, viewpoint, perspective, etc., related to that noun. For “Widgets,” for example, here’s one of the 10 it spat out:

  • 5 Lessons About Widgets You Can Learn From Superheroes

It’s… intriguing. Hmmm. And there’s nine more of those ideas to play with.

There’s no cutting edge tech like AI involved at all, more like Mad Libs where it just plugs in what you entered into randomly selected pre-written titles and topics from its collection. Its value and utility, then, is in its pre-written stuff, and from what I’ve seen, they did an excellent job with that!

It’s useful, of course, if you have writer’s block, but frankly, I think you’ll find it valuable for way more than just that.

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