750 Words

Many people swear by a writing exercise called “Morning Pages” in the popular book The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron). It’s aimed to get you in the habit of writing daily. It’s simple. Every day, just write three pages of anything and everything that’s in your head, unedited and unfiltered. That’s it.

A brain dump, if you will, and you’ll likely want to do it first thing in the day, hence “morning.” The 750 Words site gives you a tool and platform for doing it.

A standard book page is 250 words. Ergo, free-write 750 words each day. Simple!

Besides giving you a place to do and store those private brain dumps, 750 Words also neatly gamifies the process, giving you points each time you do the exercise and for other achievements. It even does metrics, and psychoanalyzes your “feelings, themes, and mindset” based on the words you write.

All that actually sounds like fun!

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