Tag Groups

Tags, of course, are a powerful and flexible WordPress feature for organizing and presenting content to users. I’ve long found it curious, however, that out of the box, WordPress doesn’t really come with easy-to-use navigation tools for putting Tags to work on your site, save for that chaotic Tag Cloud widget that leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, you can get your hands dirty with a bit of coding to implement Tag-related nav features, but that’s no longer in technically easy territory for the typical WordPress blogger or webmaster.

Thankfully, if coding’s not your thing, there are free plugins in the WordPress plugin repository that make Tags more accessible and useful, and easily so. Among them, the Tag Groups plugin is my favorite to date.

It’s not difficult to describe. It lets you organize, identify, and present Tags by groups you set and determine. You can display them a number of different ways (sorted lists, with an accordion or tab interface, in alphabetical indexes, etc.). And since they’re implemented with shortcodes in the body of pages or posts, I find them visually and seamlessly compatible with pretty much any theme design out there.

If you want to take your use of WordPress Tags to the next level without breaking a sweat, this is the plugin to check out.

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