Starbox Author Box

The Starbox free WordPress plugin has a very specific role: it adds an author box to a post, so readers can learn a bit more about the author of the piece: picture, bio, website/social media URLs, and links to any other posts the author may have on the site.

Starbox makes author boxes easy to implement, with some customization options (themes, position the box at the top or bottom of the post, etc.), pretty much everything you need to make author boxes a done deal on your WordPress site.

As of this writing, I don’t do author boxes here—I’m the only writer in these parts. I’ve always figured my About page will do the trick for anyone who wants to learn more. But something I read on the Starbox site just made oodles of sense. Basically, very few are going to see your About page, and anyone who does has pretty much already made up their mind they’re interested in working with you. That’s like putting up a website, ignoring promotion, and just saying, “The site is there for anyone who wants more info.” Duh.

Got to get them curious, and that author box is an obvious way to do it with no effort on the reader’s part whatsoever. Expect an author box on these Wordpreneur posts soon.

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