Revive Old Posts

If you’re promoting your content on Twitter, you want to tweet when your followers are live on the platform—your audience’s peak engagement hours—or practically no one’s going to see it, with the lifespan of a tweet averaging at only about 18 minutes. Unless your target is very local, you’re also dealing with multiple time zones, maybe international ones too. Fun!

Revive Old Posts is a butt saver in this area if you’re on WordPress. This free plugin retweets your old already-published content at regularly scheduled intervals you determine, with some smart features giving you a pretty good degree of control. You can have your whole day covered with tweets on autopilot, and I’m telling you, with Twitter’s hit-or-miss quality, you may even see some of your old content gain traction it didn’t before (like I have).

NOTE: Don’t overdo it! And skip this if you barely have any old content to work with.

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