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In Internet years, the Pretty Links WordPress plugin has been around a very long time, since around 2010 or so, if memory serves. It was an excellent little tool for WordPress-using wordpreneurs then, and it’s very much so to this day.

Pretty Links lets you create a unique custom link on your site and have it redirect to any URL destination you want (to any other link, in other words). Give out the custom link you create with Pretty Links instead of the actual destination link.

You’ve probably figured out the custom links you create with Pretty Links will be “branded” with your own domain now. And it’s a great way to shorten some really long, unwieldy links, making them easier to distribute and share.

These Pretty Links custom links are superb for affiliate links, which are often grotesquely long. Here’s a real life example: I’m an Amazon affiliate. Here’s the raw link to send you to the Amazon page for its family of Kindles, fully loaded with my affiliate coding (so if you buy anything, I’ll be getting a little commission):

Holy Guacamole Batman! Can you imagine tweeting or putting that in an email, or trying to recall it from memory if the opportunity suddenly presents itself? With Pretty Links, I created a custom link called kindle-test—you can name them anything you want, as long as they’re not already used anywhere on your site—so, instead of the above, I can use and share (and easily remember) this:

Try it. It goes to the exact same destination as that butt ugly guacamole affiliate link. You can probably see the actual raw original link in your browser’s Address Bar when you get there.

Cool, huh? And note, the Pretty Links custom link is now branded with the domain, so that’s what people see when I share it everywhere. Even better: Pretty Links even logs and counts how many people actually click on its custom links, giving you some really useful metrics!

I think it’s indispensable, quite frankly.

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