If you want to curate other sites’ content on your WordPress site, you’ll want to take a really close look at this powerful free plugin. I used it quite a while right here; now I curate through the Wordpreneur Twitter account (if you’re logged into Twitter, you can see all the Wordpreneur Reader curated tweets through the #readerWP hashtag).

Powerful, yeah, but I only used a few of its capabilities, which is the way I liked to curate stuff for the Reader. But I’ll describe that “few” for you: When I came across an article or post online I was interested in curating, I clicked on a bookmarklet I had PressForward add to my browser. It would then copy that content, links and all, to a pending folder for my later review.

I did have it copy everything. I didn’t steal and run the whole piece (it’s illegal, for one), but upon review, it made it easy to find and keep the excerpt I wanted from the piece without needing to jump back to the original site. I chucked out everything else, formatted it the way I wanted, and published it. Done! Any content in the pending folder I didn’t want anymore for whatever reason, I just deleted. Not that I ever ran out of curated content possibilities doing that; the pending folder was always packed full, with copies of content just waiting around for my review and posting whenever I felt like it.

On top of that, PressForward has a bunch of other features I never bothered with since they didn’t fit my model, but could be of interest to you, like working with teams through a collaborative editing interface, automatically bringing in content through RSS/Atom feeds, etc. This is definitely one serious curating tool for zero cost.

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