OnePress Social Locker

The Social Locker product name for this WordPress plugin is perfect. Once you learn why OnePress calls it that, it makes absolute sense, is unforgettable, and reminds you of the brilliant product it’s blessed with.

“Locker” is for giving you the ability to lock content on your site and keep it inaccessible to the undeserving. The key to unlock it? That’s where “Social” comes into play: you place the content behind one or more social button options, each an action—like, share, or tweet—the user will need to perform to unlock the content.

The content is the reward. Payment is the like (of some Facebook page of yours), share or tweet (of your custom presumably self-promotional message on Facebook or Twitter) to give the user access to the reward. And Social Locker easily automates the whole thing.

Pretty straightforward. And as I said, brilliant!

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