Hide My Site

Want a really easy, quick and dirty way to password-protect your whole WordPress site? Hide My Site will fit the bill.

Hide My Site is conceptually a wall layer on top of your whole WordPress site installation. This means once past Hide My Site security, your site will work exactly as it does, as if that outer Hide My Site wall isn’t there (which means admins will also need to login as usual to get to their administrator dashboards and WordPress internals). This should be a hint that Hide My Site is a good way to block out all traffic while you’re “under construction” on whatever, since it’s out of the way once you’re through.

Hide My Site also works with just a single password for everyone to use, so it’s far from a membership site solution. Told you, quick and dirty. Sure, it’s got a very niche role, but it’s good to know about or even have around, something you’ll likely put to use more often than you think as you increasingly futz around with your WordPress site.

Oh, if you’re a freelance Web designer/developer, I’ll write a Notebook post on a nifty way this can be put to work for your needs. The link will appear below, beneath the green button.


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