Email Before Download

This plugin is integrated with and requires the use of two other very popular WordPress plugins: Contact Form 7 and Download Monitor.

You want to get your website visitor’s email address (and maybe other info) so you can communicate with them further. It’s no surprise, however, that way more often than not, visitors won’t be giving up that valuable info early in the game. So giving them an incentive to do so—like a free downloadable report or ebook—in exchange is a tactic that often works well enough to get more of them to act.

You’ll want them giving you good email addresses, of course. But it’s interesting how many websites you see that employ this technique aren’t set up to prevent someone who enters a dummy email address from accessing the freebie download. There’s a reason why you may not want to bother (see the note at the end of this post), but if this does matter to you. the free Email Before Download plugin is a really easy way to do it.

It collects the information you want through a form from the visitor. Once submitted, one of the plugin’s options is to email the download link. Obviously, if they gave you a bad email, they’re not getting that link. Problem solved!

Another of its option is to simply display the download link at the bottom of the screen after they’ve submitted the info. No email verification like that other option.

Whichever way you want to do it (you can even do both), Email Before Download makes it quick and easy to implement without jumping through a lot of technical hoops.

If you’re curious, here’s why some online marketers feel email verification is not worth the bother. They want to make the process as easy, quick and hassle-free for their prospects, and needing to wait for the download link via email and clicking on it from there is an imposition. These marketers obviously know they’re going to get bad info, but they don’t care. You see, they make sure their brand, links and message are highly visible and prominent in the actual download itself. So they want that download in their prospects’ hands, and the less hurdles, the better. They swear they reach more folks that way.

I’d say test it yourself. See which way works better for your objectives.

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