Editorial Calendar Plugin

Besides doing good content, one other blogging CSF (critical success factor) is consistency. You want regular readers, and regular readers, whether they realize it or not, value consistency, knowing when they can expect new content from you for their fix.

The best way to deliver that and stay on top of it is with an editorial calendar. Of course, you can use whatever calendar, planner, scheduling tool you want. If you’re on WordPress like I am, however, it makes sense to have that tool integrated into the platform itself, bringing everything you need to work with right there in one place when you log in. And for that purpose, the free Editorial Calendar WordPress plugin fits the bill quite well.

One look at the calendar, and you can see where the content holes are that need to be filled. Since it uses your actual posts, drafts and publishing schedules as data, it can’t help but be accurate. It’s theoretically not that complicated, but it’s funny how something this simple can help boost productivity significantly.

It’s even got some neat, convenient features built in, like being able to drag-and-drop posts around the calendar with their posting schedules adjusting automatically, see all your available drafts in a panel, and do little quick edits to posts. I’ve got ideas for other relatively simple features that may improve it, but as-is, this plugin’s gold!

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