Easy Accept Payments for PayPal

If you want to take online orders and Paypal payments through your self-hosted WordPress site, but your needs are fairly simple and don’t really require a full-blown ecommerce shopping cart set up with all the complex bells and whistles, you’ll want to take a look at this free plugin.

Say you’re a consultant, Web developer, graphic designer, etc., offering only a few regular service options. Or you’re selling a single product (or very few). Or some other similar “business” that just needs some very limited automated ecommerce functionality, this may fit the bill.

It integrates with and lets your customers send you payments straight to your Paypal account. So you can set it up to do one of those dirt simple “Buy Me Coffee” donation thingies. But it does a bit more than that. It can present multiple options, up to 6 last time I checked (for, say, different services or product offers) at different predetermined prices your customer can choose from. It even has an option that lets customers specify a custom amount to send. It’s got a number of other smart features that are easy to figure out. All in all, definitely a good limited and easy ecommerce solution for more modest operations.

I’ve set up and used this on a number of sites through the years, even for my own consulting and freelance writing activities. And since it’s no way close to being as complex as shopping cart ecommerce systems, you can probably get this up and running with only a minimal amount of effort.

By the way, no, I wouldn’t use it for automated sales of downloads.

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