Ubersuggest is Neil Patel’s free tool to help you with your basic SEO keyword research. I don’t think any of you need an explanation why that’s important.

Enter a keyword or phrase, and it gives you some interesting info about it: search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, CPC, and what often proves to be a punch to the chest, its estimate of the domain authority rating and number of backlinks needed to rank in the top 10 for that keyword.

But what you’ll maybe find more valuable than gold is its suggestions for alternative keywords and phrases (including data and longtail keywords) you can try working.

Don’t have an idea for keywords yet? Bet you know who your competition is. Enter the domain name of a competitor instead of a keyword, and Ubersuggest spits out invaluable data about it: its traffic, and most importantly, its top SEO keywords. Make of that what you will.

I’d bookmark and use this resource if I were you.

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