Tally Form Builder

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be one of the most useful tools for wordpreneurs you’ll read about in the Toolbox.

Forms are about as ubiquitous as automation tools can get on the Web, used for a whole bunch of tasks and purposes. Such as collecting structured contact information for leads, subscriptions, orders, etc. But they still require a bit of technical know-how to create and implement, not to mention the need to have an actual website for you to put them on.

That’s likely why despite their benefits, a lot of folks don’t bother using them (“just email me your contact info/order”), leaving webform dev for bigger Web projects, and keeping formless all those “little” tasks wordpreneurs do (which probably make up most of the actual work one does online, if you think about it).

Tally may just change all that for you. In a way, it’s a sneaky little game changer.

Tally bills itself as a “free online form builder.” And that it is. A sleek but easy to use one; play with it to see all the different features you can implement in the forms you build with it. And they’re great-looking forms to boot. You can embed the forms in your sites, or—and this is the part where I think you may have a eureka moment—it can host your forms on what are essentially mini-sites on their platform. No need to futz around with your website (or maybe you don’t even have one) to set up new forms for who knows how many little projects you find yourself working on social media, forums, Craigslist, etc. Just create Tally forms, and give out the unique URLs for use as needed. Data’s collected and stored on their site; just log in to see/download what info your forms have collected.

And as mentioned, it’s free. It’s got pro features you’ll need to pay for if you want them, but it’s got so much already going for it at no cost, I’d be surprised if you even venture into any of the pro features (usually in the area of customized branding and links) for a lot of what you’ll likely be using Tally for.

Here, check out the playtest form I created. I don’t think it even took me 10 minutes to create this, and that’s from a “knows absolutely nothing about Tally form creation” starting point. I’ve even customized it a bit, having it send you back here to Wordpreneur after you use the form instead of a thank you page over there. As you can see, the unique link to the form is short and easily shareable as well.

Frankly, I already have ideas of my own on ways to put Tally to work for me. I think it’ll save me a heck of a lot of time and trouble, and I’m far from inexperienced at creating and using webforms. I feel Tally is that good and useful; I bet you will too.

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