Sitemap Finder

Originally meant as a tool to help Web users navigate websites and learn more of its features and content, sitemaps have since taken on a more critical role on top of that: SEO. Automated search engine crawlers use them for pretty much the same purpose.

Extra points if you’ve figured out sitemaps are also a really handy resource to tap when studying and exploring any website out there; sometimes you’ll discover some really interesting things, like files, hidden areas, etc. Some sites have visible links to their sitemaps. Some do not, relying on other means, like their robots.txt file, to lead crawlers to the right locations. The free Sitemap Finder helps simplify the search for you.

Just enter a domain, and it will search it for any available sitemaps and a robots.txt file. It’ll then give you the links to whatever it finds, if any. Simple, and that’s it.

Extra extra points if you’ve also figured out that this is a really simple way to test if search engine crawlers can find your site‘s sitemap.

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