SEO Meta in 1 Click

Trying to get your website and its content to rank highly in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) takes a considerable amount of work, and typically involves what looks like a ton of different factors and detail. Considering that we don’t really know exactly what a search engine’s ranking algorithm is (they won’t tell you), one SEO strategy is to “optimize” for as many of the different elements and factors as we can that likely do play a part in the algos.

The problem is, although I’m obviously exaggerating, my use of ton doesn’t really feel like it’s far off the mark. This free Google Chrome extension makes it a heck of lot less of a chore to keep on top of a lot of it. As it says, it “allows you to check meta-data and display main SEO information,” and that it sure does, quickly and easily!

Just go to the webpage you want to measure and analyze, then click the SEO Meta icon on your browser’s toolbar. In just a few moments, a window appears full of SEO-related data and info about that page. Stuff like META tags, links, categories, scripts, headers, images, etc., just far too many specs for me to be inclined to list here.

Tip: No one said you’re limited to using this on just your own pages. A visit to your high-ranking competition’s sites armed with this tool may likely give you some useful insight.

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