Sendspace File Sharing

Sendspace makes it incredibly easy to share files—even large ones—without bothering with email attachments (and likely attachment file size limits), or placing files on your Web server for download. Just go to their site and drag-and-drop the file(s) to your browser.

No registration and logins needed to use it for free (so essentially, it’s anonymous). There’s a 300MB file size limit for the free service, and you can’t set passwords like you can if you upgrade to one of the premium options, but that’s more than fair. Once you’ve uploaded the file(s), you get a unique link that you can then share with whoever you want to share it with.

The links automatically expire and are deleted if they’re inactive and unused for 30 days, otherwise they stay live. I think that’s actually a clever and very considerate policy, especially when you consider it costs nothing. Another smart feature: You can have them email a notification with the download link to anyone, so you don’t even have to bother doing that yourself.

Heck, you can even do multiple files at a time—each file gets it own unique link, and you get a file group link which sends folks to a page that lists (and links to) each individual file for them to download. That’s what I decided to test out for the sample link below, which lets you download three of the new Wordpreneur Infosheets that are part of the Make Money Online: Ideas for Writers series set. Here’s that link to test out, assuming it’s still active:

Download Make Money Online: Ideas for Writers 1, 2 and 3

Smart, convenient, and undoubtedly useful. Once you’ve tried it out, I think you’ll agree that Sendspace is all that and deserves a spot in every wordpreneur’s toolbox.

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