Quizwords Question Keyword Research

Since my head’s already on keyword research with yesterday’s Toolbox post, may as well keep on going.

If memory serves, it was reported a few short years ago that about 8% of all search queries are phrased in the form of a question. For example, instead of entering wordpreneur, they enter something like, What is wordpreneur? I bet that percentage is too conservative, and is actually somewhere in the teens, if not more.

So what? That’s good to know if you want to focus your SEO efforts on long-tail keywords, that’s what. Maybe it’s already clicked in your head now: Questions are great long-tail keywords! And with at least 8% of all searches being in question form, that’s significant.

Which is where Quizwords enters the picture: It focuses entirely on tracking and reporting search queries phrased in the form of a question. Enter a keyword or short keyphrase, and it returns a ranked list of top search questions that include or are related to it.

For instance, I entered web design. Quizwords came back with 512 results in its database. The top three in order were What is web design, What is website design and Can you design responsive web sites in photoshop. Long-tail keywords you can optimize for (except for the third one, of course, unless your Web design-related content has something to do with Photoshop)! And that’s just the top 3 for this search; there are 509 more to analyze and consider.

And that’s SEO. Quizwords’ potential for stimulating ideas is incredible. Cool huh?

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