It’s been at least five years, likely way more, since I last actively used and logged into my account. I’m glad to see everything still looks and functions similarly, so my relearning curve has been minimal, not that it’s really all that tough to figure out for a total novice.

Which is’s major benefit, making a certain task really easy and automatic. The task in this case is curating content from a variety of sources on a topic you specify, and publishing them online in your own really good-looking Web “paper.” You can then share the link to your paper with readers, customers, the public, etc.

Here, for example, is something I created for Wordpreneur:

You can create a totally free paper, letting you add a limited number of links to other websites and feeds of your choice, customizing your paper’s content a bit more. Definitely worth a look if you want a relatively hassle-free, automatically-generated Web newspaper of your own.

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