OneTab Chrome Extension

Maybe you’ve already heard of OneTab, which is a free Chrome browser extension that closes all your open tabs (and we all know how that can get out of control, especially in the middle of projects), after compiling them all into a list of links under a single tab, clearing out your browser “desk,” so to speak. Saves oodles in memory overhead too—yeah, each of those tabs takes up a bit of memory, so having way too many of them open isn’t a good thing.

Sure, OneTab is a brilliant generic tool for its purpose in life, and that alone is enough for it to be high up on many Chrome users’ “must have extensions” list. But wordpreneurs may find a convenient feature it has particularly useful: it can easily generate an HTML webpage “list” of all those tab links.

Yeah, cutting-and-pasting and typing up those occasional lists doesn’t take a lot of brain cells and buckets of sweat to do, but why bother if all you need to do is click and open up a bunch of tabs, then let OneTab do its magic, giving you an HTML page you can use or even edit for whatever nefarious purpose you have in mind?

Note: OneTab is also available for Firefox, Edge and Safari.

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