not8 Sticky Notations

Instead of jotting down notes, comments and questions on a separate document while evaluating and critiquing a Web design project, wouldn’t it be cool if one could notate Post-It notes style, and stick them to the issue areas of the webpage? It’s a visual project, after all. Designers/developers can zero in immediately to where the issues are, no confusion.

This free Chrome extension, not8, lets us do that! This means, of course, that all parties involved need to be using Chrome and running the extension. Once everyone’s got it set up and running (a quick no-brainer process), you can all start notating away.

Click anywhere on the screen to notate (in a popup). No, you won’t be seeing Post-It notes all over your screen; instead, you’ll see smallish colored speech bubble-like circles that tell you there’s a note there. Click on it to read, work on, reply to, etc., all through the popup that appears. There are a few features that make it plainly obvious that this is meant for this kind of use—a shared visual notation system for a development/design team and end users/clients to work with—but I see no reason why you can’t use it for your own individual projects by your lonesome.

It still looks fairly new, so expect a bit of tweaking and additional features moving forward. For instance, it would be neat I think if they could let us use larger colored circle markers if we want; makes them even easier to find for those of us with questionable eyesight. But they’re adequately sized now; there’s also a nav/status menu on the right side of the browser, so finding and managing all the different notations on the page is a cinch. I’m just being nitpicky.

By the way, I think not8 could be useful for any other visual projects, not just Web design, as long as you use your browser to work on them, and they function and behave just like webpages (they are essentially webpages, in other words). I’m thinking WordPress documents and book layouts, for example. Haven’t tried it out yet, so making a mental note to test that idea out first chance I get.

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