Monitive Website Uptime Monitoring

Like insurance, a service that monitors your website and notifies you when it’s down isn’t the most exciting of resources, but boy is it vital!

Yes, even if what you’ve got is nothing more technically demanding than a content website—whatever monetization solution you’ve got in play (such as PPC advertising) won’t be working while your site is down, will it? So whatever kind of site you’ve got, it’s best to have something that notifies you practically immediately when your site is unreachable or behaving poorly.

That’s where Monitive enters the picture. Its Free Forever plan checks one page on your site every 10 minutes, and if something’s not right, it notifies you immediately by email. That seems perfectly suited for blogs and infosites. If you need more—more pages monitored, spot checks each minute, more immediate contact method options like SMS and voice calls—take a look at their reasonably-priced Pro plans.

There’s a neat tool on Monitive’s homepage, by the way, that lets you do an immediate site test without signing up for anything. Just enter your URL, click on Test My Site, and it access tests your site from different locations in the US and around the world. It even gives you response times. Cool!

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