Mobile Simulator

I haven’t been very good at all at keeping up with viewing and testing this site on mobile devices. That’s stupid on my part—it’s been a while I’ve known that more than 50% of Web traffic is mobile. I just googled it, and it seems that it’s now at 60.9%. So, I decided to eliminate that neglect moving forward, and this free Chrome extension will help.

Mobile Simulator, as its name implies, simulates how any site will look and behave on mobile devices. Just one click on its icon on the toolbar, and whatever it is you’re looking at will be shown on and operate from a simulated mobile device on your screen.

Cool! You can even select different specific models of phones and other mobile devices. Some of the latest model simulations are only available in the Pro version of this tool, but for many of us, the models that are included will more than do for our needs.

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