Mixo Landing Page Website Builder

It’s fairly common nowadays for startups to create and publish launch pages, typically technically simple landing page-type websites that talk up the great new thing they’re working on and will be launching, along with a mechanism for the visitor to signup to a “pre-launch” mailing list for notifications and early bird deals. Its a good way to build up and gauge excitement and anticipation.

Creating and publishing these launch pages are what Mixo aims to help with, non-techie entrepreneurs its target users. And it’s an excellent tool and resource for that purpose.

Although you could call it one, it’s not really a Web design tool—there’s not much designing going on. It’s more a very well thought out and implemented pre-designed and laid out template where you essentially fill in the blanks, enable and disable features within the structured format as needed, etc. It’s predetermined sequential layout pretty much guides you on what content to put on the site you’re creating. It collects email addresses for your mailing list too.

Frankly, I don’t see why it can’t be used to create other kinds of landing pages as well, not just launch pages—sales pages, lead generators, etc. Mixo’s intelligent and smart “template” can be adapted and repurposed for a lot of different types of landing pages, and it doesn’t take much time and effort to get familiar with how it does things either. 

Its got a forever free option for a single site. However, if you want to export the mailing list of email addresses it collects to a CSV file, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium option, or simply resign yourself to needing to copy and paste the emails to a file. The unique links to the sites you create and host on their platform also look wonky and unwieldy (see example link below); you can use a custom domain instead, but that’ll also require a premium account.

Here’s the link to the live sample site I whipped out:


As you can see, the chances of you remembering that link off the top of your head are pretty darned slim. I don’t think anything’s stopping you from using a redirection tool like Bit.ly or Pretty Links to create a more attractive and/or manageable link that leads to your Mixo site, however.

Go and play with it. Best way to check out what it can do, and to get ideas on how you can put it to work for your own projects.

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