Linear Task Management and Issue Tracking Tool

I’m new to this tool too, but already I’m particularly fond of it. Like many other folks out there, it seems (which is how I heard about it). Its approach makes sense and naturally fits the way I like to do things, and that’s really what tool selection is about, finding something you’re comfortable, even intuitive, with. A point by point comparison of features on checklists doesn’t reflect that.

A tool for managing projects is what I’m talking about. Particularly interesting is that the projects Linear is built to handle and stay on top of are software development projects. Since software development is often a team thing, Linear’s system is well suited for online teams, but I find it sensible even for just individual work.

Have an issue, new idea, note you don’t know what to do with exactly just yet? Put it in the Backlog area. From the backlog, assign any task to a team member, a project, etc. You and any team member can add issues and tasks to be addressed (such as, say, bug reports, feature requests, etc.), take on unassigned tasks, update ongoing ones, etc. You keep on top of what’s going on through different filtered views. Simple.

But you’re not developing software, you say. What “solutions” do you think computer software addresses and provides? When you realize that every project you do—websites, book publishing, etc.—are all conceptually “software” projects without all that computer programming terminology, it should click that Linear pretty much works with everything. In fact, except for “software projects” being mentioned on its home page, I don’t think “software” or techie-anything is really mentioned anywhere else throughout the Linear platform, at least not prominently enough for me to notice. I see no reason why Linear isn’t a generic project management tool.

Maybe my software development background is just showing through. I don’t think so, but that doesn’t really matter. What does is what you think. Check and try Linear out (its free tier is quite generous, and way more than enough to get actual work done), and see if the platform makes sense for you too.

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