ImgBB Free Image Hosting

There are a number of places out there where you can upload images for free and share/distribute links to them. Nothing new about that. There are, however, a number of reasons why I find ImgBB really appealing.

No accounts needed for one, unless you want one (they have free ones). Just drop by and upload images. They’ll be somewhat private and hidden too, not “discoverable” from the site’s home page, like they would be on many other similar sites. To see it, you’ll need the unique link to the image the site generates—just share/pass it around. Speaking of sharing, the folks you send over can download the image, and from there can conveniently share the link on social media. So, if you’re looking for absolute privacy and not just non-discoverability, you’ll want to use a different solution.

But there’s more. I did say ImgBB is free image hosting. It gives you HTML code you can use on your site to display the image (or a thumbnail) on your own site. I guess you can call ImgBB a thumbnail generator too. Look at the test image I posted, whose unique direct link is:

The linked square thumbnail to it on the left is the thumbnail generated after I uploaded the original (I just picked up the thumbnail’s URL from the HTML code).

NOTE: I created the meme test image with MemeGenerator, and added a tiny watermark with iLoveIMG.

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