Image Host Company (Google Drive Image Hosting)

The Image Host Company tool lets you easily host image files on Google Drive for use on your own website. That means you don’t have to store image files on your own Web server; put them in your Google Drive storage, then call them up and use them on your site, like any other image file.

You’ll need a Google Drive account, of course. Since they’re essentially free with a free Google account, and practically huge (you currently get up to 15 Gigabytes of free storage total across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos), so that should be a non-issue.

Then go to the Image Host Company site and follow the simple step-by-step instructions. Here, for example, is a test image stored on my Google Drive account, embedded in this post like any other image on my server:

The image itself is way larger than that, but as you can see, I can control it a number of ways, just like I can with any image stored on my server. Such as display the image in these smaller dimensions. In fact, there’s not much different with the process at all, except instead of using a file on my server, I use the link that Image Host Company told me to use. Neat, huh?

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