Whether you do love PDFs or not, there’s just no getting around the fact that PDFs are a powerful tool for wordpreneurs, ever since Adobe Acrobat first came out back in 1993 and excited those of us screwing around with ways to sell and distribute digital documents (note that this was before the Net really exploded, so we weren’t even thinking downloads). Suffice it to say, nearly three decades later, it’s still going strong.

Today, pumping out a PDF is free and easy, with that capability built into a lot of apps. But editing and finetuning the thing can be an issue, often necessitating an out-of-pocket expense for software to let you do pro stuff like that. Well, before you spend any money, go visit the iLovePDF site first, with its impressive collection of free PDF editing and conversion tools.

Editing, splitting, merging, converting to and from popular graphic and app formats, adding watermarks, security, etc., you may be surprised at what you’ll find and can put to work at no cost on iLovePDF. Heck, even if you don’t currently use PDFs, go visit… it may stimulate ideas.

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