If This Then That. That’s what IFTTT stands for, a standard computer programming conditional statement. “If this happens, then do that,” in other words. And that’s what IFTTT lets you do with all the separate Web services you’re likely using (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, etc.): create automated tasks to perform on one service if an event happens on another.

It does it through what it calls “applets.” Use one of the many available on the site, or create a new one yourself. Don’t get the concept yet? Here are the names of some available applets created by other users, and you’ll surely get it now:

  • If I get a Fiverr order, place it in Google Calendar.
  • Share new Facebook image updates to Twitter.
  • Save new photos you post on Facebook to Dropbox.

Cool huh? You’re allowed two free applets with a free account.

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