A favicon is that icon that appears on a browser tab, next to the webpage’s title. That’s it. A tiny graphic. And very difficult to create, but fortunately, tools like favicon.io popped up a long time ago, generating a small favicon graphic from whatever larger image you feed it. Results vary, of course (detailed images will likely look crappy, for example), but you get the idea.

I’ve known about favicon.io for years, and considering its very narrow limited purpose, haven’t given it much thought at all, especially with a lot of modern Web applications already including that “generate a favicon from any image” functionality. So when a friend submitted it for Toolbox, it didn’t exactly get me salivating. But I decided to take a look anyway—mainly to see if the site has changed much since I last dropped by—and I’m glad I did!

Besides that “from any image” thing, I see favicon.io has two additional features I wasn’t aware of: create a favicon from scratch using any text you enter, or with an emoji you select from a robust library the site makes available.

Trying out the new-to-me text feature, I spent a few short minutes generating a test favicon for Wordpreneur. Guess what? I like it! This site now has a new favicon. Look up at this page’s browser tab. See that round orange icon on it? That’s the new Wordpreneur favicon I just created. Thanks favicon.io!

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