Famewall Testimonials

Good customer and client testimonials are powerful. So much so, this “social proof” is likely, more than any other, the strongest factor for helping convince your prospects into becoming actual customers or clients.

Famewall makes it easy for you to get those testimonials. And it presents the ones you already got in an easy to use, attractive and professionally slick way, on its platform and/or embedded in your site. With very little effort on your part, I may add.

Once you signup for an account on Famewall, you can create what they call Walls Of Fame, each with its own unique URL identifier that you specify. This, for example, is the test wall I created:


Anyone who wants to submit a testimonial just needs to visit that wall, then click on the Send a Testimonial button and fill out the form, entering whatever data’s needed. That’s it! You can do a bit of customization to the form (such as enable/disable the need to enter an email address). You get to accept/publish or reject any submissions, so there’ll be no surprises. There are a few other nifty features, but you get the idea what Famewall’s all about.

Note that their free level has a few limitations. You’re practically limited to a single wall, for instance, and you’re only allowed 10 testimonials max. That may seem small, but that can be enough, or even more than enough, particularly if you’ve got a service (say you’re a freelancer or a consultant). I’ve only added four test testimonial entries to the Wordreneur wall, for example, and already the page is visually a pretty substantive size.

Don’t you think its look gives an air of legitimacy? Especially with that submit-it-yourself aspect. I wouldn’t be surprised if some prospects will think there’s some kind of verification thing going on. Nope, no such thing in play. I submitted those four sample testimonials separately as an end user, not an admin, from an incognito browser session. It’s just an impression, in effect a beneficial one for marketing purposes.

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