Domain Name Generator (.COM Only!)

I feel this free tool’s actual name is a bit inadequate. It’s on the Satori Web Academy site, and they call it the Blog Name Generator. Yeah, it can be used for that, but here’s why I repurposed it:

It lets you enter keywords—pretty much any word that comes to mind, verbs, adjectives, you name it, even your brand name—and it generates a list of domain names based on what you entered. Available domain names, and .COM-only.

Clearly, this is for those of us who value having and using a .COM domain and will only look at the other TLDs if we have no other choice. I’m impressed with what it’s found from my tests. Of course, it’s only as good as the keywords you enter, but with good .COM domains being difficult to find. it’s really pretty good at what it does. May even stimulate ideas.

My tip: Start your search with just a single keyword, the most important one for you.

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