Daftpage Website Builder

Here’s another website building tool that aims to simplify the process for you by providing features and functionality that essentially shield you from needing to handcode your websites.

I’ve long been quite aware that one person’s “simple” is another’s “real PITA to deal with.” It’s a personal choice, in other words, and is dependent in large part to what you have learned and what you are already used to doing. So, the way to fairly approach these tools is to look at them from a neophyte’s POV.

Daftpage uses a blocks approach to building websites—there’s a preset “block” that you add and fiddle with for each section of your Web design.  To see them in action, here’s a simple test website I created:


It’s meant to emulate a basic landing page with some info, and a CTA button at the bottom. Each of its various parts is a separate block:

  • 3 text blocks, each with a different text style (Heading 1, Heading 3, and Text)
  • a Stats template block
  • a Button block

Just move those blocks around to “redesign” the page. The Stats template block is particularly helpful. These pre-designed template blocks each contain other blocks already arranged in certain ways, simplifying more technically difficult designs, such as that 3-column presentation you see there.

Daftpage is quite generous with its free level: unlimited websites, pages and traffic. Each will have a daftpage.com subdomain URL, however; if you want to use a custom domain, that will require a premium account.

Is Daftpage a good way to start building websites on your own? Your call; like I said, it’s personal. I don’t think it’s particularly well-suited for really complex layouts, with lots of sections and columns and ads, etc. Very focused, single purpose websites (product sales sites, service/freelancer sites, etc.) are a much better fit, especially if you’ve never built a site before.

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