Color Contrast Accessibility Validator

So, why my seeming focus on colors lately in the Wordpreneur Toolbox? Here’s one reason why: the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), an international standard of specs that help Web content be more accessible to folks with disabilities.

Being somewhat familiar with what the WCAG recommends isn’t just empathic, for wordpreneurs it’s also smart.

Take this one aspect of the WCAG: color contrast accessibility. The simplified point is to have enough of a contrast between the text and background/environmental colors so people with visual difficulties will be able to read the content. No need to use a high-level brain to figure out that this will likely also help improve content readability and noticeability for folks with healthier vision.

Choosing the right colors for your visual designs isn’t just about coming up with something pretty. That design has a job to do.

Type in a webpage URL into the free Color Contrast Accessibility Validator, and it’ll evaluate and tell you if there are any issues or not (yay!) with your design color choices and the WCAG’s contrast guidelines. Simple.

Even better, it gives you suggestions for good contrast color-pairs you can try instead to improve your content’s readability.

Using this validator regularly I think is a no-brainer.

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