Even if you’re not a coder, if you’re a wordpreneur with a website, or plural, that you’re handling by your lonesome, chances are slim to none that you never have to get your hands dirty with actual code.

You’ve likely needed to insert custom code, for instance, in certain places of your site’s underlying source code to get your site working with other services. Google Analytics, for example; to make it work with your site, it wants you to insert custom code like what you see in the examples below into the HEADER portion of your site’s source. Fun, huh?

Point is, futzing around with code, even minimally, is a part of wordpreneur life. You’ll probably even need to present code visually on your site or elsewhere on occasion. Problem with that is code is basically ugly and unwieldy. CodeImage goes a long way towards prettifying code for picture-taking time, so to speak.

Just go to the site and paste in the code you want the beauty queen treatment for. There are custom design settings and controls if you’re that picky, but why bother, really? On the right side are various preset design themes you can choose from. Just click on one of them.

The sample image on the left below is the default theme. Looks damn good already. But if I think it’s too blah and want a more lively, party-like look, there’s a theme for that, like the sample on the right. Simple!

When you’re satisfied, click on the Export button, then Export as image. Fiddle with the save options if you want (filename, file format, scale), but there’s not much to it at all. (It has a share function, but couldn’t get it to work; I don’t even know what it’s supposed to do, exactly, but the save image thing works great!)

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