Carrd One-Page Websites

Not all websites require the fairly standard elaborate, multi-level architecture. Some don’t really need more than a single page. In fact, I’d say a simple one-page website would be ideal for many uses—personal profiles, resumes, capturing emails, generating leads, even for simple ecommerce product sales (ever wanted to create separate simple websites for each of your books?). Really, once you start thinking a certain way, you’ll come up with a huge list of possible projects for one-pagers.

Wouldn’t it be cool then if there were a tool/service that would make it dirt easy to create great-looking one-page websites, and host and manage them? And for free?

Well, there is, and here you go.

Carrd has a large selection of one-page website design templates you can use, in various categories. Or you can design your site from scratch. For a test, I skipped over the many good-looking but really functionally simple templates—like the personal profile ones, and the ones that present simple link menus like what Linktree does—and instead opted to try out an ecommerce/product sales thing that leads you through a step-by-step sales process.

That test site I built quickly, to pretend sell the imaginary product BuyThis 1.0, is at:

Yeah, that whole site with its dummy copy are all on a single page. It also shows you a number of things you can easily implement, such as links to external sites, jumping around a page using bookmarks, the use of buttons, and clicked images that pop up in lightboxes.

Note there are a some limits to the Carrd free accounts, such as a 3-site limit, and the use of subdomains like what you see for the test site above. A lot of the template designs are also for paid PRO account use only. Want to use your own domains and/or build unlimited sites? You’ll need to go PRO for the wallet-busting amount of $19/year. (I’m not kidding! As of this writing, a PRO account is only $19 annually.)

Frankly, I’d go visit Carrd ASAP if I were you and start playing with it, see what it can do, stimulate some wordpreneur ideas…

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