Got asked if I could recommend a free, platform-independent editorial calendar app, instead of the WordPress plugin I recommended previously. Sure can!

Not that this one’s specific for editorial calendars, mind you; it’s a generic weekly scheduling and planning tool, suitable for anything. An editorial calendar’s really nothing more than a calendar with the “editorial” label pasted on. One thing special about the plugin is that it’s technically integrated with WordPress publishing functionality. You want platform-independence, you do away with that sort of thing. Perfectly fine, of course, if that’s how you want to manage your editorial calendar! The cool, free WeekToDo online service/app will do the job well.

You can use it online on its website, or download an app to use offline on your device (Windows, macOS, or Linux). You view a week at a time, and can move—drag and drop—tasks around like you can with the plugin.

But WeekToDo, in fact, does even more than what the plugin can: you can set alarms, create recurring tasks, and use color codes. It even lets you create and maintain at-a-glance lists and notes, independent of any schedules, and always right there in front of you. Easy to figure out how to use too.

You know what? Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m a bit put out that the editorial calendar plugin doesn’t have those features too!

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