There was a pleasant surprise waiting when I revisited TweetDeck after a long spell away: I learned it’s totally free to use now.

For me, TweetDeck was literally the very first Twitter 3rd party add-on tool I was aware of, way back in the late 2000s when it first came out and gained popularity. If I recall correctly, it had a free trial period, then you were expected to pay for its use if you wanted to continue. Since I wasn’t a heavy Twitter user and had no pressing need for TweetDeck, I just had fun playing and experimenting with it a bit before filing it away in my psyche. I was aware of Twitter itself eventually purchasing TweetDeck outright, a detail that went straight to the old psyche as well.

In a nutshell, TweetDeck is a “dashboard”-type app that lets you easily manage, work with and monitor one or more Twitter accounts from one screen, providing a number of Twitter-enhancing tools too while it’s at it. Such as tools for mentions, lists, hashtags, searches, messaging, etc., and my favorite one (which is really what my brain associates TweetDeck with): doing scheduled tweets.

Doing and scheduling tweets in advance is what got me thinking of TweetDeck again. I prepare a bunch of Wordpreneur WordPrompts words and posts way ahead of time; TweetDeck lets me schedule and automatically post tweets like this one far in advance, so I not only don’t have to worry about them, those tweets will go out on a set regular and consistent schedule (7:30am est weekdays, the same time the posts go live here).

You’ll need a free Twitter account, obviously. Then all you need to do is go to TweetDeck’s location online (click on the button below) and start using it. That’s all there is to it!

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