Toggl Track (Time Tracking)

For freelancers and micro businesses who need to keep track of time spent on jobs, meetings, tasks, etc., for billables, here’s an excellent tool for that, and it costs nothing.

Well, it does have paid options, but it also has a free tier. Totally, and not a trial. The paid tiers have more features, of course, but much of those are geared for those working with larger teams. Smaller operations (like—surprise!—freelancers and many micro businesses) will do perfectly well with the free tier. Even if you have a small team—Toggl Track caps it at five people, as of this writing.

Looks like it’s got everything you need to track and record your time, manually and automatically. Web, mobile, and desktop apps. Automatic tracking triggers. Even a Pomodoro timer.

It’s got reports, yeah, but invoicing, no. You’ll probably want something else for the latter anyway.

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