Shrib Online Notepad

It’s interesting to see how many different note-taking tools are developed and made available for us to use. I’ve already added a number of them to the Toolbox; what you aren’t aware of are all the ones I’ve looked at and skipped writing about, not necessarily for being inadequate, but mainly for not bringing anything more and/or different to the table. So, when I come across another note-taking tool, there’s got to be something “extra good” about it for it to get mentioned here.

Shrib’s convenience has me sold. Its minimalistic simplicity and speed are very nice bonuses.

Just go to the site to instantly start jotting down a new note. No accounts and logins needed. The note will be automatically saved to the cloud. It will be assigned a unique URL to access it again, a really wonky-looking URL that’s practically impossible to guess… or remember. So best figure out some way to record and save that URL if you ever want to see and work on that note again. (I just email it to myself.)

You can obviously share the note with others by distributing that URL. This’ll mean they’ll not only be able to see the note, they’ll be able to edit it. Great if that’s the intent, but if not, Shrib gives you the option to publish it as a read-only webpage. This’ll require email confirmation. You’ll want to save that email since it will have a link that will let you edit the note again temporarily if you need to.

For a test, I actually used Shrib to write the first draft of this post. By the time you read this, I’ve converted the note to a webpage. Here’s the wonky-looking unique URL to see it:

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