Send to Kindle and Free Kindle Reading Apps

You know what’s probably the best way to read and research any Web content, particularly medium to long form, or even a bunch of short ones? The Kindle. Think about it: It’ll let you read digital content like a book from pretty much anywhere.

Even if you don’t actually own a Kindle! If you’ve got an iPad, Android tablet, and/or a smartphone (who doesn’t have at least one of those?)—and an Amazon account—you’re good to go!

Start off by getting one of their free Kindle Reading apps for whatever device you’re using.

Turns your device into a Kindle. Totally free. And it’ll include many of the Kindle’s really nifty capabilities, like highlighting text, jotting down notes, generating reports of just your highlights/notes, links, etc.

As for the Web content to read on it, get this other free tool, Send to Kindle, a browser extension.

It sends webpages to your “Kindle” reader, reformatted and all. Frankly, once you start reading Web content this way, especially on really convenient mobile devices, you may start trying to send everything to your Kindle.

Oh, just in case you don’t realize it, you also just learned how to access, own, and comfortably read all those totally free Kindle ebooks from the Amazon bookstore.

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