Readable Article Cleaner-Upper

Some online articles, news reports, blog posts, and other similar written content are a real pain-in-the-you-know-what to read. I get the need to run ads and announcements and offers, but some sites really overdo them, inserting them everywhere they can go, even constantly appearing in popups, all obviously meant to disrupt your reading. The worst are those that take forever to load all that crapola, often freezing the site until everything’s loaded and ready to display. And believe me, many legit news sites aren’t innocent of this stupidity either.

If all you want to do is read the main content on that page, this little free online utility may help.

Go to Readable, enter the URL of the webpage with the content you want to read, and Readable delivers that to you on-screen for your reading pleasure, sans all the crapola, graphics, poor formatting, popups. and I think even the embedded links.

It doesn’t always work fully well—a lot depends on the source and how that’s formatted—but it did OK with most of my tests. I suggest you stick Readable among your bookmarks within easy reach, or even on your browser toolbar, always at the ready to try for when you get sick of the online marketer trash.

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