Quick Jot Minimalist Notebook

I recently came across Quick Jot, but it’s quickly become one of the little apps I’ve been using a lot!

It’s not much to look at, but that’s by design, it appears. Minimalist. You’ll see little more than what you’ll need to work with. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s perfect.

Quick Jots lets you take little text notes and organizes them on your browser, in a dedicated browser tab (it doesn’t overlay and works just within its tab, but heck, what’s one more tab, huh?). That’s it really. Not much more to it, save for a few convenient obvious features.

All your notes will be in local storage, so no privacy concerns. That also means no accounts to set up, no logging in, etc. Drop by the site and immediately get right to it, since all the data’s stored on your computer.

I’ve been using it as a todo list of sorts, and for occasionally jotting down little things (URLs, ideas, etc.)—you know, what little pocket notebooks are for, but now in a browser tab. I can move notes up and down in the hierarchy of notes, copy and delete them at will, even “share” a link to any specific note with others.

“Share” is in quotes, because it pretty much cheats at that: it embeds the whole note in that link you “share,” so those links can be long and wonky-looking. It’s not like Quick Jot can really “share” a link to something locally stored on your computer. Sure, if need be you can shorten those links using something like Pretty Links on WordPress, or Bitly, But really, I’d probably never use that sharing pseudo-collaboration feature, and just use Quick Jot as the excellent personal productivity tool that it is.

If the app looks new, that’s because it is. I’m curious how the developer plans on monetizing this… I’ll definitely keep an eye on its progress.

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